DevConFu web developer conference

November 13, 2013

Conferences, Front-End Development

Ingus Kruklitis participant in the DevConFu conference in Jurmala, Latvia

This year for the first time, DevClub gathered all its community groups. Estonian, Latvian and Russian DevClubs came together and invited all developers for DevConFu Conference to widen its circles and get to know each other in a festive and enjoyable atmosphere. The conference took place on 13th – 15th November 2013 in Jurmala, Latvia. The main organiser of conference is and co-organizers are,, and Devtraining.

The main vision was that DevClub members and speakers from different countries can meet and share their experiences, have fun and feel the “Big DevClub” community. The main purpose of the conference was to grow the community awareness about latest trends in software development. This conference was the first of its kind and will be an annual event for software developers in Baltic region and Russia.

DevConFU is an educational festival spiced with DevClub atmosphere – place where developers can, in a relaxed environment, learn the latest information about: .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, DevOps, New Languages and Processes.

The main reason why I've decided to participate in the conference was to take part in the "Angular" workshop. Before that I knew very little about this platform.

With the shifting of web application architecture to traditional client-server architecture, we’ve been witnessing a rise in client side javascript-based frameworks. One of the most popular frameworks out there is AngularJS which equips developers with a vast set of tools for creating great innovative web applications. In this workshop I've learnt the foundations of this incredible framework and got to try it out myself.

And thanks to the great workshop "Introduction To AngularJS" by Shay Friedman I'm now starting to use it in many different projects and solutions.

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