Overview of the new Photoshop CC

July 19, 2013


Overview of the new Photoshop CC

That's right! Adobe has recently announced a new Photoshop version - Photoshop CC which stands for Creative Cloud. It seems like the previous version CS6 hasn't been among us that long. In fact I was still using CS5 when I found out about the new CC. So what the hell I thought to myself, lets try it out.

First things first. How do I get it. Creative Cloud means that now Photoshop has moved to the cloud and changed its policy. From now on you can't really own a Photoshop - now this is a rental service at about 19.99$ a month. I'm not sure that everybody is going to like that. But still there's a trial version available to try this new product.

But before you jump in and start downloading it let's see if it's really worth it. I mean there has got to be really serious changes to make you pay every month at least 20 bucks. This is what Adobe says about its new product:
"More freedom, speed, and power to make incredible images real. You’ll get dozens of new and reinvented features, including the most advanced sharpening tool available." So - the top new features the Adobe says are:

  • All-new Smart Sharpen
  • Intelligent upsampling
  • Camera Shake Reduction
  • Camera Raw 8 and layer support
  • Editable rounded rectangles

Lets see now. All new smart sharpen tool looks promising but I don't really feel like I've missed this option. It always worked for me with the old sharpening tools, besides, if you are into photography as I am you are probably using something else besides photoshop like Lightroom to work with your photos. The same story is with Camera shake reduction tool. Here is a great sample of how it works but still I doubt that if you are a professional photographer you will find it useful as the result will never be perfect.

Now the Intelligent upsampling. The Adobe tells us that now you are able to enlarge a low-res image so it looks great in print, or start with a larger image and blow it up to poster or billboard size. New upsampling preserves detail and sharpness without introducing noise. It sounds really great. I played with it a little - well it's not perfect but in some cases this tool works really great. So +1 to the new CC.

Photoshop image size window

Here is a new "Image Size" window in Photoshop CC with Intelligent upsampling options.

Yes they also added some new features for the RAW format but I personally still use the new Adobe Lightroom 5 so I'm not really sure that I'd be using it. But still, maybe for some people..

And finally "Editable rounded rectangles"I couldn't believe it. Since I am also a web designer I was waiting for this feature since CS2 I think. It has been in the Fireworks for a long time and only now have they finally decided to add it to the Photoshop. Actually this was one of those features that made me try out this new version. And it works the way it should be - like a charm.

Editable rounded rectangles tool in Photoshop CC

Editable rounded rectangles - this is not something huge but definitely quite handy and useful. At least for me. So another point for the Photoshop CC.

Of course there are more small improvements like "Improved 3D painting" or "Improved type styles". You can find all new features about the Photoshop here. But still is it worth buying? I'm not really sure. It sure has some pretty cool new features but nothing so mayor that would make everybody want to upgrade. Beside I would really NOT RECOMMEND upgrading for the new Photoshop CC now until they release un update of version 14.1 or something since at the moment new Photoshop has some serious bugs. The most awful one is how they call it "Hidden layer lock tool problem". The problem is that in Auto-select mode using the Move Tool to drag a marquee around multiple layers. This selects all layers in the marque including locked and hidden layers which shouldn't happen. And to be honest this really is a problem. Here is an official response from the Adobe employee:

"It looks like this is a known issue and we already have a bug logged. The problem happens when working with layer groups and the group is hidden or locked. Until this is fixed, the workaround is to hide or lock the layers themselves rather than the group.
You can lock multiple layers at once using the Layers panel. You can hide multiple layers by going to Layer > Hide Layers.
Hope that helps."

The advice helped a little but still it really slows down the whole work process for me. So my suggestion is really do not upgrade to the new version of Photoshop until this is fixed - it is just not worth it especially if you are fully satisfied with your CS6 version and as long as you're not in a dramatic need of a new sharpening tool you'll be fine.