Working outside the office or traveling with Hacker Paradise


Front-End Development, Travel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work outside the office? Just grab your laptop and sit by the ocean on Bali, or drinking coffee on a sunny terrace of Costa Rica. Is it only a dream or is there a real way to organise your work while travelling the world. Well, as it turns out there is a pretty good working solution - Hacker Paradise.

Real life story

First time that I've heard about Hackers Paradise was from my good partner "Toptal" - exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, and finance experts. Toptal’s COO and cofounder, Breanden Beneschott, has been traveling since Toptal’s inception. If you ever wondered how it would be like to work and travel all at the same time I truly recommend you reading a real life story by Nick Mccrea - technical editor at Toptal who has been travelling with Hackers Paradise for over a year now, met many interesting people, visited lots of amazing places and even founded a relationship while travelling.

Who are these people?

So who are these paragons of work-life balance? The guy who left his job at the Googleplex to start multiple successful companies. The girl who coaches lifecoaches on how to lifecoach. The MIT graduate who asks me how I would solve the problem of describing a concept for which no word exists. So it can be absolutely anyone, you never know who you will meet and that's awesome!

How it works?

Hacker Paradise creates an ideal environment to work alongside other digital nomads while traveling. It is not a holiday, so those who apply must have something to work on. While the venture is designed by developers and is geared towards the technical community, other creative types are more than welcome.

The application is a straightforward process that involves filling out a brief form, doing a short Skype interview, and placing a down payment to reserve your space. Once your spot is confirmed, you are responsible for getting yourself to each location.

Your Hacker Paradise experience is flexible; if three whole months on the road is outside of your scope, you can book as little as a week or as much as a month at a time, and you can extend as you see fit. Some participants even attend for a week or two in one location, head off to travel on their own, and rejoin at a different location for another dose of geeky goodness.

hackers paradise moment

The daily activities are only minimally structured, and in each location, people organically find the best ways to make things work. Dedicated co-working spaces are booked in each location, but those who prefer to roam further scout out cafes and bars, quickly unearthing the spots with good Wi-Fi, plugs, and coffee. For those interested in mentorship or extra accountability, check-ins are held every morning to discuss the progress people are making. A weekly Demo Day is organized, where everyone who wishes can showcase what they’re working on before heading out for a big group dinner.

For team communication, Hacker Paradise makes use of Slack, where news of newly-discovered local wonders spreads quickly.

When you’re ready to close your laptop and take a break, the opportunities to unwind with your newfound friends are endless. On Slack, one can always find something going on, whether it be a game of frisbee on the beach, a day trip to some nearby ruins, a rock climbing excursion, a few hours exploring the town, or even just a bite to eat at the local noodle stand. You can easily find a local gym, where you can use the equipment for a dollar a day, and even find yourself surfing, one choppy morning, for the first time in your life.

"I’m grateful to Toptal and Hacker Paradise for paving the way for people like me to have such rich experiences. The world is a gift to be shared. Wherever you are, I hope we cross paths someday." - Nick Mccrea-